April 16, 2020
Exactly what is a video voice over and why should you use one?
Visual content is becoming more and more popular in the digital age. People no longer want to or are willing to sit down and read an article, especially if it is long or more than slightly detailed. Videos are a great way to get around this reluctance to read and to encourage people to engage with your content. If you are able to create a high quality, engaging video, you will be well on the road towards success.

One of the essential components of a great video is a voice over. Voice overs can increase viewer engagement, can make your content more appealing, and can help you keep people interested. More on that below:

What is a video voice over?

In the traditional sense, a video voice over is a dialogue which is spoken by someone who acts as, or like, a narrator. While they aren’t usually active in the video itself, they are speaking about the video, adding useful information where necessary, and generally improving the viewer experience.

Video voice overs come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. For some people, a voice over means adding dialogue over an entire video, eliminating all of the video’s natural sounds. While this can work in some cases, the best voice overs are usually those which work in with and complement the existing audio in a video.

For example, if you were shooting a short nature documentary, you might decide to include a voice over in at least parts of your video. However, you wouldn’t want to eliminate the sounds of nature – doing so would take a lot away from your video! Instead, you might decide to use your voice over to complement the existing by narating what is happening in the video.

What are the benefits of using a video voice over?

Using a voice over can have wide reaching and profound benefits when it comes to getting your content out there and increasing your audience. Some of the biggest potential benefits of using a voice over include:

More people will watch your videos – A lot of content managers put a lot of their time into visual content nowadays. However, there isn’t any point doing this if no one is viewing your content. Adding a decent voice over will help people connect with your video and will increase the chance of them watching the whole thing.

More people will explore your content – If you are able to make one video which draws people in, you will find that more of these people are visiting your page/website and exploring the rest of your content.

Developing a video voice over:

Unless you know your way around video editing software, it can be a good idea to get a professional to put a video voice over together for you. The team at Video Voice Over can help you get started with packages at extremely affordable prices!

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