March 6, 2020
Developing a Memorable Closing Line For Your Videos

Start strong. End Strong. Sounds like a rugby coach’s line, doesn’t it? But the same applies to your video content. With short attention spans and an unlimited amount of commercials, here’s how to write a killer voice over line in your video so you stand out:

  1. A Call To Action: Don’t delay, call today! Why don’t you give us a try? What do you have to lose? Sound familiar? It’s because they work. People need a push, they need an excuse to follow along. So give them that extra push. It wraps up everything nicely, announces a close and delivers clear instructions. So put in a call to action in NOW! 
  2. Say Your Name: It never hurts to repeat. And in an age where people move on quickly or tune in halfway through, there’s nothing worse than a potential consumer interested, but unable to recall your brand name, location or details. So voice over your name to close your marketing video. It only builds familiarity! Similarly, if you’re promoting a deal or specific time sensitive service, you can also remind your viewer of these details too.
  3. Short and Sweet: Whatever you choose say, do so in short bursts. Speeches that end with a quick two or three word sentence have the ability to capture. Act now. Call today. See for yourself. Brevity is king when it comes to sticking in our minds.
  4. The Callback: If you opened with a question (effective!) or a joke (creative), call back to it in your closing. This brings everything full circle in your marketing video and gives the viewer a sense that everything is right. On top of that, it can be humorous, making your material memorable.


With the plethora of content out there, make yours stand out. Be memorable. End strong.

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