February 28, 2020
Match up! Does your voiceover complement your visuals?

Having a voiceover for your commercial or product is a powerful and, in this day and age, necessary tool. It can add flair, energy and awareness to otherwise dull content. But are you maximizing this advantage or are you just writing a script that you feel sounds good? Most people know the importance of writing a strong script, but miss out by not allowing the script to flow with the video. Chances are you could improve your promotions by crafting a script which complements your visuals better.

Here’s how:

Remember, the viewer will receive your message visually and aurally. So take advantage of that! If there is a critical message or phrase that you need to convey, make certain that the voiceover repeats the words or image on screen at the right time for a powerful punch.

On the flip side, silence can be your friend. If you need to draw attention to an image or what’s on the screen, being suddenly silent can be a persuasive indicator that something important is coming.

Be concise. The worst thing you can do is write a script containing information overload. Hit the key points and have confidence in the visual-audio complement.

Likewise, don’t waste your valuable voiceover repeating things that the viewer can see easily, but are otherwise secondary information. Yes, saying your phone number or your service is important. No, the viewer probably doesn’t need to know that your organization was founded 10 years ago. Use your voiceover as a highlighter!

Finally, let the video play off of the audio. Be creative. Ask questions and let the visual component show the answer. Alternatively, let the video pose a scenario and allow your voiceover deliver the answer.

By crafting a script which specifically highlights what’s on the screen, you can create a memorable mashup of images and messages. So while you are writing that perfect script, be sure to check what’s being shown on screen as well.

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